Digital Signs

Digital Signs & Message Boards

Digital signs let brands visually spread dynamic messages to their audience. Eye-catching digital signs attract attention while displaying useful product, service, or event information. The versatility of digital signs and electronic message boards empowers brands to deliver a variety of information to consumers.

Digital signs can also help brands stay consistent with their marketing initiatives. If you’re a restaurant owner whose menu changes frequently, or a marketing manager whose campaigns shift with audience trends or seasons, changing your marketing materials is as easy as pressing a button.

Digital LED Signs

Digital LED signs enable businesses to quickly convey a series of messages that can easily be seen in both light and dark settings. Digital LED signs are our most popular type of digital sign. LED signs, or light-emitting diodes, continue to grow in popularity, due to their low voltage requirements and ease of customization.

The ability to easily update digital signs makes them a great choice for advertising and event venues. Digital LED signs can be seen in both large and small-scale use. Stadium scoreboards, digital window displays, and digital menus are all popular uses of digital LED signs.

Don Bell Signs tailors your digital sign to your needs. Our LED signs are available in full-color or monochrome including but not limited to 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 33mm matrix options. Let our sales team walk you through the impact that bulb choice, setting, and layout all have on digital signs and electronic displays.

All of Don Bell Signs can be illuminated!

Common Uses for Digital Signs

Engaging and dynamic, digital signs are a powerful choice for displaying your brand’s messaging. Digital signs can be used both indoors and outdoors to showcase menu offerings, performance times, or dynamic marketing initiatives. These types of signs are often found as stadium signs, restaurant signs, and digital display boards, or entertainment signs.

  • Interactive digital signage
  • Digital kiosks
  • Digital menu boards
  • Stadium signs & scoreboards
  • Theater marquees
  • Digital window displays
  • Digital signage walls

Don Bell Signs Services

Signage Manufacturing

Don Bell Signs manufacturing team has seamless in-house capabilities for custom sign fabrication. As a leading electric sign manufacturer in Florida, our skilled team of innovative thinkers, designers, and engineers can help make your ideas come to life. We specialize in design-build and custom sign fabrication for any type of sign. Our skilled team of sign fabricators use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to produce exactly what you need, when you need it. We have the equipment, expertise, and the experience you need to make your brand stand out.

Sign Installation

As a full-service electric sign company, Don Bell Signs knows that proper sign installation is one of the most important steps in the completion of a project. Visibility and security are at the forefront of our sign installation service. Our expert sign installers know exactly how to transport, install, and secure your sign correctly, so that it is in sign code compliance with local municipalities. Whether interior signage, or an illuminated exterior sign, you can trust our sign installation service to do the job right. Don Bell Signs are built – and installed – to last.

Engineering & Permit Acquisition

From sign installation and placement, to sign design and illuminated sign guidelines, each city has its own set of regulations and codes for signage. Researching your city’s regulations is a critical step in the process – and it can be tricky. That’s why our team of experienced permit specialists work closely with you on commercial signage permit acquisition and unpacking the legal jargon! We know exactly what to look for and how to prepare engineering and permitting submission packages to ensure landlord and municipality approvals.

Project Management

No two projects are ever the same. From sign permit acquisition and surveys, to sign design and sign installation, every project has different factors that affect the successful initiation and completion of a project. That’s why we make sure each project has a dedicated project manager who will guide the team through each step, keep your project on task, and provide timely communication to ensure that you stay informed along the way. Don Bell Signs prioritizes with superior customer satisfaction – and it all starts with communication.

Sign Design

A sign is one of the first things that draws attention to a plaza, business, or brand. That’s why sign design is so important to the success of our projects. The Don Bell Signs design team works hand-in-hand with you and our sales team to ensure your ideas are represented in the final design of your signage. We understand that the sign design and fabrication stages are paramount to maintaining the integrity of your brand and attracting new consumers. You can trust our team of professional designers and engineers to make something incredible for you.

Signage Service & Maintenance

The Don Bell Signs service department is one of the largest sign repair and maintenance teams in the entire Southeast region. That’s because since 1947, we’ve proven ourselves to be dependable, reliable, and there for you when you need us. We have the ability to service any type of sign, from high-rise signs to small ground signs – and everything in between. Our service area spans a 250-mile radius – covering the Jacksonville, Orlando, & Tampa areas. Whether you need on-call sign repair, or ongoing sign maintenance, we are committed to providing the highest quality sign services and customer satisfaction.