accessibility statement

Don Bell Signs prioritizes website accessibility, meeting WCAG 2.1 A requirements and emphasizing this commitment with an accessibility statement. The dedication extends beyond standards, creating an inclusive online space. Through comprehensive accessibility reviews, issues are identified and rectified, reinforcing the commitment.

The journey toward ADA compliance involves continuous efforts, integrating improvements aligned with WCAG 2.1 A guidelines. This dynamic approach shows a commitment to staying ahead of accessibility standards for an optimal user experience.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of digital landscapes, Don Bell Signs invites users to be part of this ongoing process. If you encounter challenges, have specific inquiries, or need assistance, reach out to us at 1-800-824-0080. Your feedback is invaluable in our pursuit of accessibility excellence.

In the spirit of transparency, Don Bell Signs urges users to refer to our Accessibility Statement—a comprehensive guide outlining our commitment to inclusivity. This details proactive measures, ongoing initiatives, and processes in place to maintain and enhance accessibility standards.

Valuing user input, Don Bell Signs recognizes collaboration as key in the pursuit of digital accessibility. Consult our Accessibility Statement for insights into our dedication. By fostering an open dialogue, Don Bell Signs aims not only to meet but to surpass ADA compliance standards, ensuring an inclusive digital environment for everyone.