Sign Repair

72-Hour Response Time / 24-Hour Answering Service for Emergencies

Florida Sign RepairHaving a well-maintained sign can impact your image, which is critical to the success of your business and important to our company. For over 40 years, our sign repair and maintenance department has been providing sign repair services throughout Florida. It has grown to be the largest department of its kind in the state.

Sign repair services offered include:

  • Neon, canopy and sign repair
  • Rappelling capabilities and expertise
  • Re-painting of cabinets and poles
  • Annual cleaning of sign faces
  • Upgrade or replacement of lights in main ID signs, parking lot fixtures, office lighting, uplighting and much more.
  • Building signage
  • LED Electronic Signage
  • Lighting replacement or repair, including:
    • fluorescent or incandescent lamps sockets and wiring
    • neon tubes
    • ballast or power supplies
    • message center or time & temperature, lampbanks, cable, drivers & control mechanisms
  • Annual cleaning of sign faces (optional)
  • Repainting of cabinet and pole (optional)

For sign repair & Maintenance, call 800-824-0080

Why Choose Don Bell Signs for your sign repair?

  • Highly-Qualified Technicians
  • Certified Welders
  • Licensed, bonded and fully insured
  • Night patrol services with monthly reports (if requested)
  • Customer Service Department is the largest, best maintained, and well-stocked in the southeast
  • Compliance with disposal laws for hazardous materials
  • Satellite branches in Orlando, Lakeland, and Tampa
  • 12 service trucks and 1 sterling auger truck with 120’ reach
  • Drug-free workplace with random drug screenings
  • Up-to-date on safety protocols 
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